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Positive & Negative Carryover

Positive + and negative – carryover: What it is, why do you need to be aware of it! 


Positive & Negative Carry Over
(This could be the thing standing in your way)
As professional dog trainer, working in the fields of pet dog obedience, behaviour modification, assistance and therapy and now dog sport, one thing I’ve observed time and again is the impact or carry over, for better or for worse.
“Carry over” is like a weed that spreads whether you want it to or not. So you want something good to be spreading.
What I mean is this. If right now, you’ve got a well behaved dog for the most part, but there’s this one area of their life where you completely lack control over (such as jumping all over guests, pulling you to the beach) you’ll start to see negative carry over.
This pattern of behaviour, this mindset, this power dynamic will start to spread to other areas of their life. Pulling you to the beach will start to become, pulling you to the car, pulling you to the house, pulling for the whole walk.
But it doesn’t stop there, THAT then becomes, choosing not to recall, barking at you when you leave, not listening around the home and more. It can become a slippery slope that leaves you wondering “where it all went wrong”.
On the other side of things, positive carry over can look like enrolling your naughty dog in a training course, spending 1 hour per week at class, and 10 minutes per day training. That new dynamic, that new mindset, that new pattern of behaviour will ALSO start to spread. You’ll notice they’ll slowly become more attentive, more in sync, more responsive even OUTSIDE of your training.

The key message is this 🔑


Be aware of where you’re at. If you’re in a bad place with things, plant a few good seeds so that you begin to experience positive carry over. If you’re in a good place, look for these little problem areas that may arise and squash them before they start to spread and become bigger problems.


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