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Why Tips Don’t Work

Why Tips Don’t Work ??‍

So I probably get at least ten messages a day from people wanting tips on training their dog. Now, if they want tips on a better brand of lead or crate for their dog, that’s fine. But they often ask for tips on super advanced behavioural issues and it’s just not how it works.

Let’s swap the industry for another and you can see why it just doesn’t work.

‘Hi Ms Surgeon, I’ve got a tumour in my stomach. Do you have any tips to take it out at home?’

‘Hi there Mrs Pilot. Any tips on how to fly a passenger jet to Bali for the week?’

‘Hi there Mr Mechainc, my cars not starting. Can you tell me how to fix it?’

‘Hello Mr Psychiatrist, I’ve got high levels of anxiety that stem from a traumatic experience I encountered years ago and still can’t let go of. What’s your best advice to do this?’

See what I mean?

People dedicate years and years of their lives to becoming proficient in an area of knowledge. There’s no quick tips they can give you to share the entirety of that knowledge. If there was, they wouldn’t have had to spend so long learning, and they wouldn’t have their business.

Still to this day, I’m constantly up skilling myself, furthering my education and training, and making sure I stay relevant. I put hours upon hours into this business and my knowledge, which is why people pay me for me my time and to help with their issues. It’s unfair that some people expect this service for free when others are made to pay. Don’t be that person that goes to the ice cream store, tries 14 different flavours, and then leaves without buying anything.

Let me cut the metaphors. This post isn’t to encourage people to spend more money with me. It’s to explain quite literally that complex behavioural problems, that are displayed by a species you barely understand, can’t be solved over text.

Tips aren’t a thing. There are no tips. I think the dog training industry is categorised with fairly low skill because there’s so many terrible trainers around. I’ve seen trainers say psychology isn’t important when it’s literally psychology we address every single day.

We’re adjusting behavioural tendencies in dogs. That’s what dog trainers do all day long. You need to go see one and spend time with one for them to help you.

There are no tips.